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Once described as a patchwork quilt of musical and dramatic offerings and programs, the Rural Musicians Forum (RMF) has brought music, musicians and the community together for more than 26 years.


In 1985, singer Nancy Giffey and pianist Jack Wilson met to share their love of classical vocal and piano music.  Giffey had recently moved to the River Valley after participating in Madison area musical performances and organizations, and Wilson was music director at American Players Theatre.

The two friends decided to perform the music they had been practicing and secured a date to use the historic United Chapel, a simple and beautiful house of worship long associated with Frank Lloyd Wright’s family, the Lloyd Joneses.  At that time, the building was infrequently in use.  After putting up handmade posters, inviting their friends, and sweeping up the cobwebs, the two musicians were amazed to greet a full house that included the members of the Taliesin Fellowship.

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