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Common Chord

Common Chord was formed originally as a duo in 2015 by singer/songwriters and multi-instrumentalists Michael Bryant and Tracy Jane Comer, who were members of the former Madison-area trio Sticky Fingers (early to mid-2000s). The two have worked as duo on occasion since then as well, prior to forming Common Chord. The group quickly grew to five regular performers with the addition of singer/songwriter Bruce Buttel, vocalist Delores Jenison, and multi-instrumentalist Faye Bruggink. This powerhouse of combined talents yields a strong creative synergy…the musical whole is much greater than the sum of the parts.

With their unique combination of vocal, instrumental, songwriting and composing/arranging skills, Common Chord creates an amazing sonic palette. Their repertoire includes vocal-centric pieces with four-part harmonies, toe-tapping swingy numbers, folk and bluegrass-flavored pieces, bluesy tunes, acoustic rock/pop songs and more…something for everyone, with appeal to audiences of all ages. The group focuses on originals from each of three writers in the group plus unique covers from the likes of Tom Waits, the Beatles, Robert Johnson, Paul Simon, and George Gershwin, and others. Instruments regularly used in live shows include guitars, bass, guitar, mandolin, fiddle, clarinet, bass clarinet, cigar box guitar, hand percussion, and sometimes cello, melodica, and hammered dulcimer.

Common Chord performs in a variety of settings including small venues such as coffee houses, house concerts, festivals, and community concerts. Their debut album (self-titled) was released in January 2017, and a followup, Dig A Little Deeper, was released in early February 2020.

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Common Chord will perform on June 27, 2022 at 7:30PM.